Why engage AsiaFootPrint?

So why should you look to engage with AsiaFootPrint for your expansion plans into the Asia Pacific Region. Put simply, we can provide a very cost-effective alternative backed by:

  • A Proven track record
  • Reduced risk
  • Managed cost
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Faster Growth
  • Better Shareholder Value
  • A Comprehensive Solution

What are the benefits?

The major benefits we deliver to our customers are numerous. First and foremost, we have the ability to provide experienced and professional resources on the ground in Asia with the right levels of motivation, management expertise and cultural awareness to successfully represent or launch your company in this region.

Backed up by tailored infrastructure and support services to quickly and effectively grow revenues, AsiaFootPrint can represent you as an extension to your business, your authorised distributor, an agent or a reseller of your solutions. Put simply, we provide you with:

  • Immediate Impact and Traction from day one across the targeted Asia Pacific Geographies. (Direct selling or Channel Structure);
  • Professional and experienced Sales resources with high energy, successful, focused resources operating in a managed sales environment;
  • Hands on local management (at whichever level is required) – in terms of Sales, Finance, Marketing, HR, Technical Support, Call Centre, Legal and Contractual;
  • Minimise the contractual risk – the resources work for you as our employee. No problems with local Employment Laws.
  • Minimal Taxable Presence – We assume all tax liabilities, superannuation and on-costs of local resources, all legal and contractual obligations on your behalf.
  • Recruiting the right sales resources – experienced, accomplished senior sales management with proven IT track record in revenue generation and team building across the disparate territories of Asia Pacific.
  • Easily scalable operation APAC wide.
  • Auditable – everything is legal and abides by Corporate Governance laws in a decent, honest and truthful manner – essential for Acquisition or I.P.O.
  • Known expenditure. We provide a statement of work including all expenses and related costs with no markup. It is often the “grey” costs that sink an organisation.
  • More profitable with control for the parent company than a Distributor, a Reseller or Direct Managed Presence.