• Sprout

A full service Incubation Agency designed to facilitate growth across APJ guided by experienced and seasoned start-up specialists.

Where is Sprout?

Located in Melbourne & Sydney Australia with seedlings across the Asian Pacific Region.

  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Taiwan

What is Sprout?

Full Service Incubation Agency to facilitate growth in APJ.

  • “Sprout” by AsiaFootPrint is a full service incubation agency designed to assist orchestrate growth for early stage and mature start-ups wishing to expand into the Asian Pacific Territory.

  • AsiaFootPrint specialize in creating go-to-market strategies backed by a catalogue of services covering management, sales, pre-sales, solutions engineering, demand generation, fulfilment, channel development, digital marketing and public relations/branding activities.

  • “Sprout” has been designed to assist start-ups navigate the three stages of successful entry into a remote geography:

    • Phase 1 being the planning, research and go-to-market strategy for the designated region
    • Phase 2 being the resourcing and execution of the plan to meet agreed KPIs
    • Phase 3 the acceleration stage delivering consistent and repeatable process for continued revenue streams in territory.

Why Sprout?

Full Service Incubation Agency to facilitate growth in APJ.

  • Accelerate Growth of your Business

  • Open-up & Enter New Markets

  • Minimize risk and save on costs

  • Ensure local compliance is met

  • Provide a ‘Scalable Business Model’

  • No HR overheads or employment law

  • Best of breed “Resourcing”

  • Increased Shareholder Value

  • Founded in Melbourne, 2001

  • Multiple successful entries into APJ

  • Offices in Melbourne & Sydney

  • Extensive channel experience

  • Enterprise focus with large network

  • 2 Tier Distribution expertise

Who is Sprout?

Craig Stockdale - MAICD

Craig Stockdale - MAICD

Managing Director/CEO

35 Years in Technology
25 Years of Sales/Biz Dev
20+ Years Management
20 Years Executive Management

Stephen Madden

Stephen Madden

Systems Engineering

20 Years Technology
15+ Years Engineering
10 Years Senior Management

Sales and Marketing

Acquisition of new customers in new markets will provide your company with the impetus to improve its bottom line and improve its position with investors. Asia has the fastest growing economies in the world and many companies are yet to establish a base – knowledge and resources are a limiting factor.

AsiaFootPrint will provide you with the focus to grow your top-line, to make more sales, to bring in more gross revenue in a difficult and far away region by establishing your footprint in Asia.

AsiaFootPrint helps our clients achieve a dramatic increase in gross revenues by:

  • Revealing new sales opportunities
  • Discovering untapped markets
  • Engaging a focused seasoned sales team
  • Enabling solid channel partners
  • Diversifying your client base
  • Increasing the overall value of your business

AsiaFootPrint provides an experienced array of resources designed to assist with the growth of your business and dramatically improve your overall revenues. Our disciplined approach encompasses a complementary set of services including dedicated, expertly managed sales resources to work exclusively on behalf of your company at our premises across Asia. Known as Agency Reps, we professionally represent your company and drive growth for your business.

The activities of such resources can cover Business Planning, Sales Management, Business Development, Account Management, International Channel Management, Strategic Solution Selling, Telesales activities, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Product Management, Technical Support and deployment, training and education programs, creating localised collateral and building brand awareness programs.

Your ability to compete in today’s global marketplace is as much a matter of market awareness as it is one of individuality, quality, or price. Those who can benefit from your product or service need to be aware of what you have to offer and that you are present in their market. Potential customers must be taken through the stages of awareness, intent to purchase, and product trial. The professionals of AsiaFootPrint are ready to aid your company in every step along the way, from creating greater understanding of your products and services to closing sales with those critical new clients. All this adds to the growth of your business.

Channel Establishment

Developing and implementing a channel engagement program will enable entry into new markets quickly and effectively and open-up new clients otherwise difficult to secure. The three step program of identify, engage and enable will ensure we recruit good quality partners that will provide mindshare for your products and services in their respective markets.

“Fundamental to success is an understanding of the market potential, its size, prioritizing those markets that suit your product and service offering and identifying the opportunities and potential threats to overcome.”

Specific cultural characteristics are important to understand along with legal, competitive and infrastructure issues. As always a Market Entry Plan should depict the best route of entry along with costs, expected revenue, target channel partners, risks and marketing support programs to build brand awareness.

Risk Mitigation

In the eyes of investors, creating better return on net assets is a measure of the success in building greater shareholder value. Doing this in the context of mitigated risk and controlled costs certainly provides boardrooms with a degree of comfort and confidence.

AsiaFootPrint has a solid reputation with both public and private companies looking to establish a base in Asia and will provide solid management expertise to oversee this entry. No more false starts and bad impressions for you or your customers or worries regarding blowouts in costs.


AsiaFootPrint provide a comprehensive suite of compliance services tailored specifically for technology companies looking to establish a presence in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our services range from preparing applications for export development grants, withholding tax clearances and preparing and lodging GST returns, to preparing and analysing budgets, extensive auditing and advising on the most appropriate business structures for both local and overseas entities.

Clients benefit from the significant experience gained by Serge Bolzonello during many years of providing advice to international technology companies.

Technical Support & Consulting Services

To deliver the business benefits articulated in the products and services we represent, it requires more than just a demo, proof of concept or a neat architecture. It requires the skill and expertise of intelligent people who have experienced deployment skills, seen it and actually done it – on more than one occasion.

Whether supporting direct implementations, managing in-house deployment teams or working in conjunction with systems integration partners, AsiaFootPrint offers the full range of skills and technical support needed to ensure rapid progress and a successful outcome to customer projects.

And once a solution is operational, AsiaFootPrint continues to provide a range of training, support, and follow-up consulting services, aimed at ensuring that the customer derives the maximum benefit possible from our implementation.

How can I use Sprout?

We become your ‘Virtual Subsidiary’ in Region designed to:

  • Represent your company in territory
  • Exclusive Agent for your business
  • Staff with best of breed resources
  • Extensive experience in start-ups across APJ
  • Low cost base with established infrastructure
  • Mitigate risk with short initial engagement
  • Lower costs than FTE model
  • Industry knowledge & connections
  • Distribution engagement model expertise

As part of our service we can organize and execute on all operational aspects of an international business, including:

  • Finance And Accounting
    • Tax Structures
    • Payroll
    • Billing and Collections
    • Banking Structures
  • Human Resources
    • Provision of Contracts and Agreements
    • Legal Advice
  • Contract Negotiations


  • Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Sales & CRM Programs


  • PR, Marketing and Events Management


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